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I believe the majority of this was created by "" but I added the final strip - Jeff Bennett, Paul Molnar & John DiMaggio - as I couldn't believe they had been left out at all!

There's also, technically, a bunch of other voice actors of earlier animated series that aren't included. Should they be?

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26 October 2010 @ 10:22 pm
At a recent convention here in Australia, John DiMaggio (voices the Joker in Under the Red Hood) was invited as a guest. I'd had a couple of nice encounters with him on facebook through my very vocal support of his work and so I expected to get a friendly nod when I went up to get his autograph and photo.


... for example, while waiting in line for the photo to which he signed 'to my favourite Harley' (!!!), he actually saw me, came over to me to give me a HUGE HUG and say it was great to see me and ask how I was and such... everyone around us had their jaws on the floor... it was so exciting and I felt so honoured that he would go to the trouble.

He gave me another huge hug when I went in for the photo and a quick chat. As you can see, he also signed the pic with a wonderful statement! :D

But it actually didn't end there!

I was having drinks at this particular bar when DiMaggio showed up... (I was later to learn this bar is in the hotel all the celeb guests stay at!)... I excitedly but nervously went over to say hi and when he saw me he said 'Elise!' and gave me another big hug... omg... he knew me even out of my regular costume... I was so thrilled. I told him he was my favourite Joker and he said coming from an uber fan like me, it meant a lot.

Because I am the world's biggest dork, I jokerised a little Bender toy for John... gosh I was so embarrassed but he was really sweet about it and actually looked really touched.

The photos of him with my gun and with the Bender toy I got after I had been waiting in line for his auto only for his assistant to come and tell me not to worry about waiting, just to come back at the end and he'd sign anything I want. HE WAS SUCH A PRINCE!

When I was saying goodbye, he gave me the massivest hug and told me I was the best fan a man could have and an absolute doll. Such a legend!

Apart from being so kind to me, I noticed he was very lovely and accommodating to all his fans, very friendly and approachable and worked hard to have good energy all weekend. I'm sure it's exhausting having to be switched on for so many long hours for so many hundreds of people, so it just makes me respect him all the more for being so amazingly awesome about it.

A friend of mine asked him, during his panel, to do the Joker voice, to which he replied it was the one voice he simply couldn't turn on at will - that he had to be in the right circumstances, the right headspace to do it. I was pretty impressed by this answer as, to me, it indicates the amount of work and effort he put into the role - and I value that very much! <3

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29 August 2010 @ 08:24 pm
I just realised I assume that everyone lives on facebook these days, like I do... and that I hadn't really done any coverage of SDCC here due to that!

But I know some folks aren't on facebook so here are some photos that may be of interest to you all! <3

Me with Nicola Scott Me with Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott is an incredible Australian artist currently exclusive to DC and becoming very popular. I see her at most of the cons and she is very vocal about telling all her friends I'm 'the best' HQ - in fact, the other week I went to a party she was at and she was all to her friends 'this is the Harley I was telling you about!' She's always really nice to me and I heart her!
Me with Kevin Altieri Me with Kevin Altieri

Kevin was a director on BTAS - he directed Harley's Holiday, amongst others! Very talented and very sweet guy! He was hugely impressed by my costume and even took Joanna and I out to lunch one day.
Me with Gail Simone Me with Gail Simone

The awesome Gail Simone! She gave me a big hug when we met; she's been really supportive of my work online and has been so lovely too! She rocks!
Me with Dustin Nguyen Me with Dustin Nguyen

This very talented artist is also a huge sweetie! He was a doll and even gave me some prints! I love his work so it was a pleasure to meet him.
Me with Paul Dini Me with Paul Dini

OMG, he even remembered me from when I used to email him a hundred years ago! He's a very sweet guy, very courteous and accommodating to his fans. I didn't want to be a pain in the butt so I didn't hang around him too long so I can't comment much more than that.
Me with Mark Hamill Me with Mark Hamill

Me with Bruce Timm Me with Bruce Timm

:) What can I say, it's Bruce Timm!
Me with Stewart McKenny Me with Stewart McKenny

Another awesome Australian artist who has been working on a DC title, he's a total sweetie who is always lovely to me.
Me with John DiMaggio Me with John DiMaggio

He knew who I was! He knew who I was! As in, not Harley, but ME! He was also a total sweetie and surprisingly unsure about his turn as Joker so I made sure to tell him he was amazing! <3
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31 July 2010 @ 10:56 am
I'm back from San Diego Comic Con and had the most amazing time - I'll be writing a full report over the next few days.

One of the highlights was definitely the screening of Under the Red Hood.

I wish I had the energy to give this a decent, detailed review right now. But there are dozens upon dozens of those already out there on the internet, what is there left for me to say?

I loved it. Completely and utterly and absolutely.

I enjoy every minute - it's all entertaining, vibrant and well done. The music drives me nuts with how good it is and how it heightens the emotional intensity. John DiMaggio is utterly brilliant as the Joker, bringing something new yet unmistakably, quintessentially J to the role. All of the voice acting is excellent, in fact. The story is tight and reasonably accessible to those new to Batlore - but obviously much improved for those already familiar with the canon.
It's an interesting crime-drama but, more than that, a story of the broken relationship between two men, a really heart-rending tale of a father and son who have lost each other and can never be reunited. What Jason demands from Bruce is something Bruce just won't give him. It hurts to watch because despite all the terrible things Jason wants - his request is a sympathetic one.

I laugh so much watching this movie - and not just at the Joker moments - but I cry a lot too. The final scenes are particularly heartbreaking.

It is much better written than the comic and the characters depicted far more authentic and true to themselves. The interactions are marvellous.

And the Joker - the Joker is absolutely to die for. He's unreal and magnificent. You see so much of his sadism but also his masochism - yet even in that masochism, how he is never anything but utterly dominant.
I watched this with a fellow geek friend the other day and in one scene she went: "Jesus, he is so fucked up".
(My response: "Yeah! *dreamy sigh*")
But I love that the depiction is so spot on it can make someone spontaneously react like that.
Another friend, with no connection to comic books or geekery, also watched it with me and she was both laughing at and appalled by him.
He was completely perfect, start to finish.

I'm frankly staggered this is rated PG. When it comes out in Australia, it will be slapped with an M-rating.

So. Yes. I love this movie. You should all see it immediately. It's fantastic. And, without a doubt, is the best animated Batman film since Mask of the Phantasm. Possiby even the best DC animated film since then.
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Unrelenting, massive, great, dirty spoilers. Kay? DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HIDEOUSLY SPOILED!

The only thing I find myself really capable of saying outloud after watching it is: "fuck, fuck, fuck"




I really kinda wish I hadn't spoiled myself now, because ZOMG. It took my breath away. I'm SO excited for this film & I'm even getting to see the premiere of it at SDCC in a week.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

In all honesty, I am not rapt in the Under the Red Hood comics. I didn't think it was that great.

But this? GOD, it's winning me over something fierce. I'm about ready to have an apoplexy. It's amazing, DiMaggio is amazing, Joker's scenes are amazing and I. Can't. Wait.

*froths at the mouth*
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I'm sorry, this is probably old news by now - I did post this to my tumblr & facebook & twitter - poor old Livejournal is getting forgotten! :(

But here it is - the first preview of The Joker from Under the Red Hood as voiced by John DiMaggio.

It. Is. Freaking. Amazing.

I clenched. Know what I mean? :P

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A little interview with the next man to bring the Joker to life.

Based on some of his comments, I think Mistah J is in trustworthy hands. If I get a little tear in my eye reading someone's words on the Joker, it's generally a very good sign.
Reassuring, considering the earlier heartbreaking news we received.

Some quotes:

"I just wanted to honor the real true lunacy of the character. I didn’t want to make him campy, but I wanted to pay a little bit of tribute to the past Jokers – and yet keep it original at the same time. That’s walking a fine line, if there ever was one.
It was a little intimidating because it is such an iconic role. It’s an honor to get this job -- and especially to play the Joker in this version because it’s so dark and twisted. I felt like I got a really wonderful opportunity."

" I think the Joker thinks of himself, quite literally, as a necessary evil. And when I say that, I mean he really feels there is a place for him, and that he somehow balances the chaos with the non-chaos. It’s a yin and yang thing. And it’s really not personal, it’s business. Although he can get personal and he enjoys it. That makes it that much more twisted."
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03 April 2010 @ 12:10 am
In celebration of the recently passed April Fool's Day (I even managed to play a couple of pranks that were fairly successful here and here, mwauahahaa ), I thought I'd do a little tribute to some of the most prominent and note-worthy portrayals of the Joker there have been to date.

Cesar Romero (Batman Television Series)

Ah, Cesar Romero, the first man to bring Mistah J to life and say what you will about the 1960s series, the comparative harmlessness of its Joker and Romero's 'stache beneath that greasepaint - the man did a cracking great job at capturing the maniacal glee of the Clown Prince of Crime. Throwing himself into the part with gusto, Romero is one of the only actors to sound truly genuine when letting loose a peal of hysterical laughter.

And heck - moustache or not, he looked damn fine.
Cesar Romero (Batman Television Series)
Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989)

Another portrayal now much maligned amongst the hip and cool cats of today, Nicholson's performance nonetheless was tour-de-force - perfectly suitable to the concept of the Batmanverse the film depicted and convincing - one of the more immersive performances Nicholson has ever done.

Jack was unstinting in his enthusiasm given to the role and veered at once between the Joker's malicious glee and his genuine murderousness.

Any of the bandwagoners who sneer at Nicholson's Joker as harmless against Ledger's Joker needs to remember the climactic scenes in which Joker attempts to poison THE ENTIRE CITY utilising a means intended for celebration and joy. THAT'S Joker style!
Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989)
Mark Hamill - B:TAS, Justice League Unlimited & Batman: Arkham Asylum

Mark Hamill as the Joker - the portrayal, whilst only in voice, many consider to be the definitive depiction of the Joker, to date.

There can be no doubt that Hamill throws everything he has into his voicework for the Joker, capturing the full range of the Mirthful Madman's wild nature - from the humour to the menace, to the anger and the glee, the malice, the intelligence, the insanity and even the sorrow - it's all in there.

Hamill ranks number #1 for making the Joker's chilling laughter sound natural - and Romero's influence on his voicework is clear.
Mark Hamill - B:TAS, Justice League Unlimited & Batman: Arkham Asylum
Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman)

Unfortunately and unjustly often forgotten when folks do line-ups of Joker performances, this talented voice actor infused his portryal of the Joker with unsuppressed delight and hedonism.

Though this series was received with very ambivalent feelings by fans and its depiction of the Joker considered controversial, there can be no doubt it nonetheless containted the core spirit of Mistah J, due in no small part to Richardson who got to the Clown Prince's essence in a stylish and endearing way.
Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman)
Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

The final role of an actor who died tragically young, Heath Ledger can be credited with making an entirely new - and enormous - audience aware of what the Joker as a character has always been really about.
It is due to Ledger that a wider audience realise the full power, intent and appeal of the Joker, what he represents, stands for and is capable of.
But also unfortunately, it is this same audience who now sneer at other depictions of the Joker as 'lesser' than Ledger's through an unwillingness to concede any merit to 'real' comic book style stories.

Regardless, Ledger also managed to capture the core spirit of the character in a way that is breathtaking
Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)
Jeff Bennett (The Brave and the Bold)

A newcomer who has already made his mark, this voice actor has created a markedly different and delightful version of the Joker.

Suave, urbane, sophisticated, Jeff's mellow tones are underlined with a hint of nasty humour, a sort of laissez-faire and sardonic attitude to all that he observes as though witnessing a joke he already knows the punchline to - and, as far as the Joker is concerned, that's exactly what life is!

And still the gleefulness and danger are present, underscoring every word.

Bennett's work also makes me wonder if Tim Curry's - a very early choice for the Joker on B:TAS - would have been similar...
Jeff Bennett (The Brave and the Bold)
John DiMaggio (Under the Red Hood)

The latest in this line of talented performers, John DiMaggio has brought to life a Joker who is by turns hilarious, seductive, thrilling and terrifying.

Delivering the role with a brutal masculinity, he is wonderfully scary, truly capturing not only the Clown Prince's insanity but his genuine delight in sadism.

Malicious, creepy, sneering and mean, his voice is ever tinged with a note of humour that heightens the more depraved things get. Many fans are already naming him the most suited to taking over from Hamill.
John DiMaggio (Under the Red Hood)
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