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Psychopathic, mass-murdering clowns...

... and the fanatics who love them!

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Inspired by Every. Issue. Ever, I seek to bring you here:


Yes, kiddies, the goal is a simple one: to bring you a review of every comic The Joker has ever starred in.

He's got a richly chequered past, our loveable and murderous Clown Prince of Crime, and has been with our dear old Batsy since the very beginning. From being a cold-blooded killer to a goofish buffoon to the very embodiment of insanity, he's been responsible for dozens of glorious stories and some pretty rubbish ones too!

Of course, when I say "review" I really mean "self-indulgent ramble discussing what the particular story means to me, how I respond to it and how well I think it represents the Joker" as opposed to anything you might find on the professional circuit.

I'm going to start with everything post-1980, as that's the majority of my collection and any missing issues will be easier to get my hands on. One day I'd like to own all the comics he's appeared in, but at the moment I'm focusing on just amassing everything from 1970 onwards, and sticking to the last twenty-eight years reviews wise. I'll also, at the outset, be concentrating on stories Joker has STARRED in, rather than ones where he popped up briefly in one or two panels, or played in an ensemble role.

Also in this journal I will waffle on with some Joker-centric theories, beliefs, opinions and other related miscellania! I'm a huge Harley Quinn fan and consider her relationship with Joker to be an integral and important part of his character and so spend quite a lot of time talking about her and their relationship as well.

The general aim is two reviews per month, with other bits and pieces added as they occur to me and/or I have time.

This is a long-term project with no planned finish. Sit back and enjoy the ride. :)

Please feel free to friend me if you so wish, no need to ask. :) I also encourage and invite you to share your own thoughts and opinions, so long as we all keep it civil and fun. Agreeing with me is not a prequisite. I do have strong opinions and I express them in a forceful manner, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to debate and I do enjoy well-thought out and expressed alternative views and ideas.

I only have one rule to interacting in this blog. Read it here before commenting, please.

If I've randomly friended you out of the blue, it's because I've noticed you in other communities my other lj identity is a member of and you're either a Joker fan or had something to say about him I really dug. :)

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